Five Students Withdrawn from Terrace Manor Elementary Due to Mold Concerns

mold sick Five Students Withdrawn from Terrace Manor Elementary Due to Mold ConcernsMold and the health risks that it brings is a hot topic at the moment, especially among the Sandy victims. However, its infestation is not limited to just the storm hit places like New Jersey and New York. With storm or not, it could invade and plague any place. Take, for example, the Terrace Manor Elementary in Georgia.

According to a report, parents were upset about the fact that their kids were getting sick at the said school. Already, five students were withdrawn from it by their parents due to mold concerns.

However, the school denied that the problem was mold though officials were not able to pinpoint the exact cause. There were some teachers though who voiced our that the cleaning solution could be a part of the said problem. As they stated, the strong odor of it could be smelled even after an hour it was sprayed.

To determine what truly is causing the problem, Executive Director for Elementary Schools Cheryl Jones said they will gather more information. She mentioned surveys and questionnaires as the methods they will use to collect the data needed.

Given that mold could cause several respiratory problems and allergic reactions generally making people sick, it is easy to understand why parents of Terrace Manor Elementary students initially blamed mold. But what if mold is indeed the cause of the troubles? Or let’s say, what if you have the spores at your place? How do you deal with it?

Well, first thing that you have to remember is that mold spreads fast. The first time you see it, promptly implement a mold treatment. However, your mold remediation must be safe apart from effective. Otherwise, you will risk your health and even that of others.

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Mold Health Risks

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