What Does Mold Removal Cost?

So how much does mold removal cost?

Well, of course I am going to tell you. It all depends, but what I will do for ya is give you scenario’s so you can compare your problem with other clients who had mold problems.

Keep in mind…

Mold is very dangerous to your physical and mental health. Once you speculated you have mold. Be sure to consider doing mold testing.

Why do I bring up mold testing?

Because this is your 1st step in doing any type of mold project. So when you ask, what does mold removal cost. Keep in mind, in order to find the source of the problem, you will need to factor in the mold testing cost.

Mold Inspectors (the guys or gals) who do the mold testing, will charge usually by one or all of the following.

Note: These are different types of services… you will not be charged for all.

  • Initial Service Fee ($50 to $1000)
  • Fee Per Sample ($50 to $350)
  • Report ($50 to $1000)

To avoid headaches and to have affordable professional give you advice:

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Now For The Mold Removal Cost:

Usually, the mold removal is done by a mold remediation company, who is licensed and certified in your area. They need credentials and should not be your local handi man, unless you don’t care of the consequences of the person not completing the job correctly.

In other words, don’t go cheap… this is your home. Hire a professional.

Need a mold remediation expert?

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How much does mold removal cost?

Mold removal cost varies depending on the extent of the damages. Basement mold removal cost typically range from $500 to $2000. For mold removal companies, they may charge you separately for each process or charge you for the whole process of remediation; this would include mold testing and mold clean up.

Scenarios Of Different Mold Removal Cost:

Mold Remediation :

  • Demolition: $50 – $1000+ (Depending on Work)
  • Heppa Filteration Rental: $50/day
  • Disposal Fee: $50
  • Cleaning and Put Back (Walls, Floors Etc): $50 – $1000 (Depending On Work)

Roughly you are looking at $350 to a few $1,000.

Good news is, you can get insurance to pay for your mold removal cost, If…. you have a good mold inspection. But it’s not always guaranteed. Insurance companies are pretty stiff about mold now.

Guess What…. You Can Also Do It Yourself:

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