Mold in Vaccines Linked to Meningitis Outbreak

meningitis outbreak 300x168 Mold in Vaccines Linked to Meningitis OutbreakA meningitis outbreak that started back in September has affected several patients. In fact, it even killed a number of them. And as the diagnosis and investigation about it continue, mold found in the pharmacy where it all started and on vaccine vials were linked to the illnesses.

According to reports, there were 338 fungal meningitis outbreak cases recorded. And as just updated, its death toll already climbed to 25, affecting now 18 states. The most recent to join the list is South Carolina.

The mold found in the pharmacy and in the vaccines were being linked to the outbreak. The vaccines were specifically of steroid used to treat back pain. And to those who received them, the black mold entered their spines, got past the immune system and eventually caused the problem.

This fungal meningitis outbreak just shows that mold could be fatal. Sure, there are species that are not a threat to health. However, even them can cause allergies and other types of problems. So the best thing to do is to prevent mold infestation.

But mold presence is very difficult to prevent given that moisture everywhere triggers its growth. What can you do then? Well, you just have to control the spores’ presence. As soon as you see it, implement a mold treatment.

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