Mold in North Dakota State University Dorm?

As long as there is moisture, mold chooses no place to grow. And so, even universities could actually suffer from its infestation. The sighting of it at the North Dakota State University dormitory proves that true.

As it was reported by, a mother complained about the presence of mold at her son’s dormitory at NDSU. She related that her son lived in the Churchill Hall of the university where he saw mold growing on the wall and near the floor.

The mother stated that they already got the advisor informed of the mold problem in the building. However, she added that officials took no action to solve it.

As you surely know, mold presents various health risks. Exposure to them could cause allergies of the eyes, nose, skin and lungs. Those could lead to coughing, sneezing, nausea and difficulty in breathing. In some cases, mold could even be fatal.

Because of all those health problems that mold could bring, NDSU officials should immediately address the issue about mold before it compounds. Same thing goes for anyone else who has to deal with mold infestation.

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