Could Mold Cause Strokes in Children

Since the elderly and children are immuno comprimised their immune system is more likely to have problems. Most cases of mold allergens cause health problems, itchy throat, and sometimes legions on the skin depending on the individual. But there has been questions raised could mold cause strokes in chidren?

Could Mold Cause a Stroke in a child, possibly because of one main factor that there immune system is not fully capable of handling the myco toxins in mold. Just as poison can paralyze a person if strong enough, the mold spores and mold excrement that is released could quite possibly affect a child in having a stroke.

Black Mold is a dangerous item to those that are allergenic to it’s toxic mold mycotoxins. If contained in an area and the individual continuously breathes in the mold spores those spores can attach themselves to the lungs. This can be a huge health problem that may cause a stroke. For example, I know first hand of an mold inspector who has worked in the mold removal business for over 25 years. He is quite an inspector looking for mold anywhere and everywhere. But about 6 month’s ago, he was diagnosed with a stroke.

The doctors were not sure what was going on with his system but it was clear that there were fungus inside his blood stream that created clotting and may have led to a stroke. Most do not know much about the toxic mold symptoms and many doctors are still researching these symptoms. So I can only say that a stroke in a chile could be caused by mold.

If you believe you live in a moldly home or your child’s bedroom has mold and beieve the developer is responsible for the home allowing water intrusion. Be sure to find an inspector and allow them to take mold samples. These mold samples will allow good backround information to send to the insurance and the courts if you believe you have a valid case.

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