Mold Killers and Your Carpet

Becareful if a carpet ever becomes wet….

Black Mold and Mildew can grow quite quickly on a wet damp carpet. You really have 3 options, Remove it, Dry It or spray with a mold killer. One thing you may want to immediately do is contact a carpet cleaning service. There is some services that are very affordable and can immediately remove or clean the area effectively. Some San Jose Carpet Cleaning Services actually offers environment friendly upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning service. Last I checked was giving a special on receiving a free room. They were in the same industry as seminar and seemed to understand a bit about water damage and cleaning carpets. If you were to get carpet’s wet the padding below the carpet and the carpet itself can grow mold, and grow fast. Try to either shampoo it clean, or remove it or spray it down with natural solution. When a carpet becomes wet the fibers and the heat will amplify mold. So try to keep those carpets dry. During a water event, pick them up and keep away from water.

Check if You Need Water Damage Services

If think you have mold in your carpets, pick up the carpet and look at the tack strips, if these are damaged and the nails are rusty. Most likely you had a water damage event.

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